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Wyndham Grand Crete Mirabello Bay totally renovated



At Wyndham Grand Mirabello, we toast to 50 years with fresh new amenities and upgraded services! Awesome views, breathtaking scenery, perfect vacations, while letting the Cretan Magic renew our spirit!

Vivifying the incomparable worth of authentic Cretan hospitality, Wyndham Grand Mirabello is dedicated to providing superior services and extraordinary adventures in a masterfully renovated complex encompassed by the verdurous hillsides of Lassithi and the euphoric Cretan Sea.

The overall concept of the Wyndham Grand Mirabello’s renovation is to create a bohemian chic resort hotel. The bohemian design culture reflects the spirit of the traditions and characteristics of the location, while the “chic” refers to the luxurious spaces, the choices of materials and the creation of experiences.

The main design challenge was to integrate elements of contemporary luxury and traditional Cretan motifs into the interiors while maintaining the graceful atmosphere of a seaside resort.

For that reason, the rooms are following the central bohemian chic design concept, too. Architectural elements such as wooden perforated separations, eclectic forms of black metal furniture elements are dominating while details such as the soft textures, the Cretan handicraft decoration objects create a unique aesthetic experience. The guiding material is oak wood while the colour palette includes two guiding colours, green and blue. Blue referring to the beautiful Cretan seas and green to the Cretan Nature.

In addition to the above, the aim of this architectural project was the functional, morphological, and general renovation of the hotel based on its functional needs. Specifically, 100 rooms were renovated, and 55 marvelous private and jetted pools have been added to this one-of-a-kind wonderland. Moreover, 10 new outdoor jacuzzis were also added. The shared pool overlooking the sea was divided to create 16 private pools.

Ideally designed for families, couples, and event participants, the total of 314 guestrooms and bungalows intelligently blend contemporary refinement and serene elegance with the island elixir and synthesize an unparalleled hideaway ornamented with olive trees, perfect for bespoke experiences.

Furthermore, in addition to the renovation of the hotel’s cutting-edge facilities, we added a plethora of extra experiences and high-quality services so that our guests would have a memorable stay at the Wyndham Grand Crete Mirabello Bay. The new hotel is to become a hub for people passionate for sports and action who are to experience an abundance of sports activities and quality leisure time in our leading-edge courts, energizing pools, and motivating exercise areas in the open with splendid views of the Mirabello Bay.

In addition to the above, three wooden yoga platforms were built for yoga and wellness lovers in a specially designed space inside an olive grove within the hotel premises that offers a serene and quiet place ideal for inner rejuvenation.

Furthermore, for cinema enthusiasts, an outdoor cinema was added in a truly unique area surrounded by trees and flowers, equipped with comfortable chairs so that guests could enjoy watching our weekly scheduled movies under the stars.

Wyndham Grand Mirabello Bay also provides a marina which is designed to be a maritime asylum for venturesome seafarers, as well as to ensnare you with the gentle zephyr and the azure, almost transparent waters. Whether guests are about to arrive on the beautiful shores of Cretan pureness or lease a vessel and seek the Aegean wonders, the on-site marina will serve as a buoyant sanctuary and it will be the starting point for our guests to enjoy a sailing trip to the nearby islets and beaches with catamaran yachts, making the private sailing trip an unforgettable experience.

Last but not least, the coastal front was completely renovated with the dismantling of the existing configurations and expansion of the sandy surface, as well as with the installation of 70 new wooden gazebos.

To summarize, the concept, of the outdoor spaces and the renovation in general, is to create the ultimate resort destination by maximizing the connection of each space with the views. A series of private pools surround the buildings and resemble the feeling of the sea. The design is inspired by the underlying forms of the ground and effectively makes use of the different height levels. The outdoor spaces with the pools create a feeling of awe as you feel like swimming in the skies and unify this experience with the unique design form. The spaces around the pool follow minimalistic lines, enabling the guests to completely relax.

Leisure and Luxury redefined at Wyndham Grand Mirabello.. The absolute place to be!

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