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Measurable results in revenue performance, market penetration, guest satisfaction, cost management, profitability and margins are the success factors of our company. ZEUS International’s team comprises all key components of an effective, customer-driven approach, designed to maximize market share in term of demand generators, revenues and overall return on investment. Each Hotel undergoes custom-designed strategy and planning procedure regarding all operations: Sales, Marketing, Food & Beverages, Human Resources and Finance.

Food & Beverage

We are undertaking a feasibility study by making F&B recommendations. Our team also introduces new food and beverage concepts in Hotels, covering every stage from concept, market analysis, recruitment, marketing and PR:

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Human Resources

Our main goal is satisfied and dedicated employees. We feel proud for creating a “new” generation of talents with fresh ideas and vision, which helps them in the upward, authentic course of the Group. We consider human resources our primary investment by offering a healthy, safe, and competitive work environment, seminars, and many professional development opportunities. The company’s fundamental purpose is to create a vibrant, diverse group of people who follow our evolutionary course.

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Financial Planning

We specialize in maximizing the return on investment for each hotel. We can strategically improve your financial results both in the short term, through profit optimization and long term through operational cost control and maintenance of the real estate asset. ​We evaluate and select the most appropriate information system for the Hotel. We prepare simple or elaborate but always up-to-date financial statements, including monthly financial results:

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Sales & Marketing

The success of any hotel lies in a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. Our team is comprised of experts in internet marketing, online distribution, and sales representation. We provide hotel owners with a clear marketing strategy and appropriate sales plans in order to effectively position their hotels in the market, attract the most suitable market segments and finally improve the sales performance of the property:

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Annual Business Plan preparation with a detailed focus on revenue forecasting for the project. ​

Ensuring that the initiated project is managed and completed satisfactorily by liaising with the required team of qualified experts like architects, planners, specialist consultants. ​

Advice on concept design and operational functionality of the hotel infrastructural designs at every stage of development. ​

Selection of the appropriate Hotel Management Company and continual ongoing liaison between the Owner and Hotel Management Company once the Hotel or Resort is fully operating. ​

Consulting concerning the re-branding of the Hotel or Resort.


We are an innovative and unconventional force of change in the hotel and hospitality industry. ​

With a business development DNA and creative strategic approach, we have built up an extensive track record in turning the tide for distressed hotel properties. Our proven hotel change management methodology focuses on increasing your profit & loss statement results and ROI. ​

For each hotel project, we develop a customized strategy plan, repositioning the property more effectively amongst its competitive market landscape. Our hotel management specialists focus on the unique selling points of the property to increase financial performance at all levels of your P&L, NOI, GOP, etc. ​


Opening a hotel is truly an art form requiring the utmost attention to detail. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. We have opened dozens of hotels over the last decade and we are ready to do the next roll-out with dynamic strategy development, immaculate checklists and action plans.


Our experts in hotel revenue management and pricing, work on increasing the total and per room revenue. With our best practices in hotel yield and distribution we grow our hotel’s RevPAR and GopPAR.​

  • Revenue Management with ongoing yield and pricing reviews​
  • Revenue Maximization Reviews
  • Room Inventory Controls​
  • Room type mix​
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